Sunday, 1 February 2009

.There is a light that never goes out

I think about you on a moonlit night/And the stars all see to weep
When there’s so much love to give/
There’s never any time for sleepBeth Orton

In life, anything can happen. Especially nothing. Once you know that, you’ll be fine. Find a little piece of nothing and cling to it. Because even nothing feels like something, when something’s gone.

In prison, it takes courage to stay human. Your images are only part of somebody else’s extended perspective. Your chains are someone else’s freedom. Teeth stuffed in the back of your head. A frown so permanent it makes your eyes invisible. Silence. And water. And stone. But no stars. No point of light to carry our souls outside, no heavenly body to influence our luck. No sign of a God. No one to pray to. Access denied, abort or retry?

De Sterrennacht.

A twisted map of spiraling stars (like the ones children hide in their pockets), a worn-out card postal of encircling light, pinned on the prison wall, pierced through you, nails your fate and there, there’s the moon. A hazy nil! An eye in reverse! Above us the waves. Here comes Christ
-world's first surfer- on crutches. Here comes another God. And here comes another one, like a buffalo thunder.

Saints preserve us. And you’ve been saved.


roseanne said...

Jeez, i'm SO carrying A BAG of nothing happening right now in my life. Good to know there are other people in the world that can express things i feel sometimes. Loved your post. Take care.

FrostCafe said...

Since I have slept only 40 mins today... it leaves a lot of love in stock to give away... Hey, there's nothing around me but fear?! Should I dress the fear up in love, then? To get it look naive and stupid. brilliant Gianni, I will never call you 'mate' again ;-)

Ο ψεύτικος Πέτρος said...

Hope could be by your side
like a dog
always right
and die by your side
"such a heavenly way to die..."

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

"In prison, it takes courage to stay human." Beautifully written, Giannis.