Thursday, 22 January 2009


Seeing is a form of reading.
When you rush through folders containing images in your computer, your reaction is usually limited to a dipolar OK/NOT OK argument. What happens though when you go back to an image more than once and you are asked to pair it with 5 different titles?
I decided to use a caption from a last year project and blend it with a small selection of the reactions I had in time (ok,I admit it, the fourth one is a re-edition of a classified advertisment found while flipping through the pages of The Guardian Guide and its soulmates section...). Originally, the image (myself covered in plasters) was a visual interpretation of the inner wound laying inside us, as if saying 'This is myself broken before you'. With this exersice, the semiotics behind this photo became even more fragmented (and humorous). Filtered through The Little Prince, the Band Aid catchphrase from a 50's advertisment found in National Geographic, Dan Wilson's lyrics to 'Breathless' and,well...THAT advertisment.
I'm not quite sure if the image ages gracefully though. Compositionally and technically it may be ok, but whenever I look at it now I get annoyed by my cheeky grin behind the plasters. Hence, if I was to choose one title today, this would 'Not Ok'.

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